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7 Home Office Organisational Tips

Post COVID we live and work differently. For some it is a welcomed reality, for others it is a nightmare as we merge our two worlds.


The WFH (work from home) way of life is much more the norm and perceptions that you are less productive at home have shifted. However… there are ways to help set you up for success in your home work space, no matter what the size.


We can help make you ‘work zone’ into a productive, organised zen. How does that sound?


So now, with a new year approaching, it’s time to clear the clutter and curate a work space that you have dreamed of and been pinning from Pinterest.


Also, if your desk is already clutter-free, we are sure there is still the existence of that stack of papers without a home, that cupboard with a missmatch of office nicknacks that you just don’t know what to do with.


A welcoming and organised desk will not only improve the look of your home but will also inspire you to work more diligently and quickly, clear desk = productive mind.


We’ve compiled 7 easy organisation tips to help keep on top of your to-do list and set you up for success for 2023.


Happy reading and we bet you won’t be able to wait to sort your space!

1. 10 minutes a day

Give yourself either 10 minutes at the end of your day or the start (whatever will get you motivated) to declutter, clear your space and computer. 


Disable all notifications, move your phone to a separate location (or simply turn it over) and close all unwanted web browsers. Plan for the day ahead and start your day with one key task before looking or doing anything else. With a clear desk, cleared computer and one task achieved, how can you not feel motivated 🙂


Have a place for all your paper trail, good old trays still work if you are not all digitised yet. The best way to control your space is to control what enters your house and workstation and deal with it straight away before it becomes clutter.


Key tip – always have a home for your office items. It helps organise and declutter and saves time as you are never wondering where things are.

Pic: Pinterest

2. Let's get organised 

Next, the best way to set you up for success is to get the tools. You can go to Ikea, Officeworks, Kmart, Target, Myer, Temple & Webster and if you want to go down a rabbit hole, check out Etsy, so many fabulous storage ideas.


Add to the list; storage for paperwork, open cabinets for books and work memorabilia, compartmentalised drawers for storing some basic stationery, pen holders, cord holders, storage baskets and boxes.

Sorting the workspace with these basic items is a start to getting your workspace looking good and organised. 


Key tip – make a list of items you want to store (and then a list of the items to store them in) and get Googling. Choose a retailer, write your list of items then go in and conquer. Always have a list cause if you don’t you will get distracted and it will be hours lost.


Source: Tumblr 

3. Ways to store ​

Some storage suggestions…


a. Open/closed shelving 

* Temple & Webster – Mesh 2 door storage


b. Storage cabinet and files do not need to be boring check out;

* Mustard Made

* Hay – lots of fabulous desk storage

* Design Stuff – for storage caddies and more


c. File organisers

* Ikea – lots of file organisers and storage solutions


d. Plastic bins 

* Hay shade bins are fab 


e. Storage baskets or boxes

* Storage Box for Plugs/Cables/Wires


f. Draw sorters

* Kmart – lots of home office suggestions


g. Colour coding filing system / label makers

4. Working the wellness

Now you have an organised and decluttered desk here are some easy steps to get you into your flow.


1. Are you in a space that stimulates your creativity or productivity? For me it’s absolute silence but for others it could be classical music (baroque is meant to help you with your focus) or easy listening tunes.


2. Are you surrounded with oxygen giving, air cleaning, green loving plants? Fill your space with greenery as it not only looks beautiful but serves a wellness function too.


3. Light, are you near a good light source? Is your screen facing it so you don’t have glare? Open those blinds and windows and take in the natural light and air and connect with nature.


4. It’s commonly known that smell is the most rapid-acting of all the senses, accessing brain receptors before the other senses kick in. So make sure your work environment is stimulating your mind.


Based on what researchers found, here are some scientifically proven scents that can be infused into a workspace to help improve productivity:
* Lavender.
* Lemon.
* Sandalwood.
* Jasmine.
* Peppermint.
* Rosemary.


Key tip – if it fosters productivity improvement and burnout reduction then why not!!! Cater to your senses and see the joy blossom.

Source : Instagram 

5. Creating happy homes for your things

When everything has a home there are a few different benefits, firstly, you know where to find it and can save your precious time during the day, secondly, when items have a home they are less likely to get damaged and it is important to treat our ‘things’ with respect and care to ensure they will serve their purpose for as long as possible.


Have a destination for the items you use everyday. Also have a draw, cupboard or shelf for the items that don’t have a home, at least then you know where to always start your search.


Labelling and organising according to your personal logic is always best. Your workstation will run much more efficiently if it caters to your lifestyle and ways of working.

Source: A beautiful mess

6 Workspace lighting 

It’s time to get the task light you used in high school back, however it can be much more stylish 🙂


We cannot emphasise enough the importance of including good, effective lighting to amplify the workspace and help you concentrate on your activity, let alone keeping your eyes less strained.


Here are some of the ones we like/love from some different price points:

* Beacon Lighting – minimal, stylish and cost effective – $40

* Temple and Webster – cost effective and super functional – RRP $45

* Matt Blatt – simple and minimal – $134

* Temple and Webster – a little more contemporary – $119

* Design Italy – if you want to go a little more unusual – $350

And now for my very, personal favourites:

* Muuto Tip Table Lamp – as pictured here – $400

* Anglepoise – Type 75 Paul Smith Edition Four – if you want to brighten up your space – $575

* &Tradition – Flowerpot VP3 table lamp – Just puts a smile on my face every time – $675

* &Tradition – Tripod table lamp is a favourite – $800

* Louis Poulsen – AJ Table Light – the colour choices are fabulous – $2150


Ah… I could go on forever with my faves.

Source: Mutto 

7  Control your schedule and to-do lists.

How do you remember to go to your meetings, assignments, and other commitments? Are you old-school analogue paper and pen, or have you switched to a digital calendar, but are still using sticky notes to keep track of deadlines and crucial dates?


Choose a strategy that you can stick with. All of your significant reminders can be stored on your mobile or other personal device if you choose to go paperless. This covers all of your due dates, appointments, meetings and to-do lists.


Throw away all of your previous to-do lists on paper. So that you always know where you need to go, sync your phone’s calendar with the one on your computer.


Another option is to remain with a more traditional structure, such as a memo board. The best way to keep track of all your significant monthly events is to use a magnetic, write-on, or calendar-style board. Maintain it up to date and hang it directly over your workstation.


For your to-do lists, I really find it helpful to block out time in the calendar. I have weekly project update sessions, weekly catch-ups with my team, no meeting days and design days. If I have consistency (well try to) in my weeks that helps me organise my life a little 😉


Key tip – whatever you do, just make sure it is all in the one place, this way you will never miss out on a date or ‘action’ item.

Source: Crate & Barrel 

These little organisational suggestions can assist you in creating a plan to structure your everyday work/life space in a much more balanced and joyful way. Start small and try and make consistent, little changes, everyday that help you de-stress and more productive.


We love decluttering, organising and sorting. Just love it. If you enjoyed reading our blog, stay tuned on our socials to catch a glimpse of some behind-the-scenes de-cluttering in the home workplace. If it’s all too much and you want some help kick-starting your work space, we’re just a call away!

Book in a call here and we can get you started.

Big love

Aisha xox

Moving Smoothly Team

Moving Smoothly | Insiders Tip

Moving Smoothly Team

We all know how stressful moving house can be. I have moved house 6 times (including interstate) in the last 6 years. You always have a lot more than you imagine and finding the right people to move with or help make the process easier, stress-free, is no easy feat. 


The last 3 (home and studio) moves I have endured were made so much easier with the team at Moving Smoothly. And, as my purpose in life is to bring more joy, make life simpler and help people find or settle into their ideal home space, have to introduce you to the Moving Smoothly difference.

As we all know moving house can be an overwhelming experience – so much to do and organise and often with very little time.


Operating for more than ten years, the Moving Smoothly team has packed, moved, de-cluttered and unpacked 1000’s of homes all across Sydney and know exactly what is required when moving house. I can definitely vouch for the speed and efficiency!


The owner, Alison has carefully selected her incredible lovely team to ensure they all have practical, caring compassionate natures and will take pride in helping you when you need it most. Trained to pack and unpack to professional standards, you can feel confident knowing that our staff can be trusted with your most valuable possessions – treating them as if they were their own.


They understand that no two homes (or owners) are the same, that’s why they visit you at the outset (in person or virtually) to assess your requirements and provide you with a personalised, obligation-free quote.


From packing and unpacking, organising removalists to de-cluttering, cleaning and even setting up your utilities, Moving Smoothly can take care of your entire move, leaving you free to get on with your busy life.


Knowing that their team can be trusted with your most priceless items, gives someone like me peace of mind, especially with all my moments, art and objects that I have carefully curated over the years.


Moving Smoothly can handle every aspect of your relocation, freeing you up to get on with your busy life. 

Moving Smoothly offer a plethora of services including, calmly, efficiently and quickly;


  • Decluttering 
  • Packing / Unpacking 
  • Home organizing 
  • Removals
  • Rubbish removal 
  • Really anything you need!


I would highly recommend the team and I have even partnered with the team on a few big jobs as you can always do with a set of extra professional and friendly hands.

You know where to look at to satisfy your interior needs with efficient moving. Reach out to us to plan house interiors and we’ll guide you in the best way possible. 

– Aisha xoxo

Smart Storage

8 Easy Steps To Clutter-Free Heaven – Your Go-To Declutter Checklist

Let’s start with some questions…


Do you have spaces in your home that overwhelm you?

Is your garage a dumping ground for, well, everything?

Does your laundry give you even more angst than the piling dirty washing?

Does your wardrobe make you cringe every time you open it?

Have you downsized or moved, to find that years later you still have boxes that have never been unpacked?

Lastly, have you ever noticed how difficult it is to be truly present in a messy, disorganized room?


Are you nodding and saying yes yes yes… well this list goes on and on and on for so many of us. Life has so many priorities and it is hard to focus on our own spaces.

We believe that the first step in crafting the life you want to live is to get rid of the things that hold you back! 

What if I told you that there were 8 easy steps to get you towards organised bliss? 

Steps that will help you, save time, create space, keep the kid’s rooms organised (well as much as you can – kids will be kids), keep the partner happy, puppy entertained, but most of all, you stress-free and with bouts of inner joy… what would you say?


Don’t wait any longer to tackle your clutter, use our tried and tested eight decluttering tips;

1. A date in the diary

2. Start with a simple category

3. Get it out and spread it all about

4. Assess and edit

5. Be smart with storage

6. Treat yourself (now we all like that one)

7. If you don’t know, don’t throw

8. Donate 


Yes, it is that easy.

Now you can see it is not half as scary as you thought (no folding undies here), so let’s get started with the ‘How To’;


1. Commit yourself – put a date in the diary

All you need to start is to allocate some time in the diary. See you are already one step towards a well-organised, productive home. 

Put a half hour to an hour, totally undisrupted, once a week, whatever fits in your life, and make it a date with yourself. Grab a cuppa, wine, play some of your favourite tunes and just start. 

When you get yourself mentally prepared with the right mindset and allocated time, you are 90% there.

Start your declutter - Put a date in the diary
Declutter Challenge |

2. Tidy by category, not necessarily location


I know this is controversial but hear me out. Often as time goes on certain things spread over the home in the attempt to quickly put it away. Paperwork in the third drawer, medicine in the bathroom/kitchen, tools in the laundry with the cleaning products, the spare room a catch-all for the antiques so you can hardly move, anything/everything that hasn’t a home finds its way to the garage or under the stairs… the list goes on etc.


When we talk about categories, we are talking about clothing, bookkeeping, photos, medicine, specific room furniture, toys, outdoor accessories… you get our gist.


It is all about selecting the category that annoys you the most (for me it is often the kitchen as I don’t know why this always ends up being the catch-all for everything) and make a plan. 


For example, this weekend (Sunday mornings are my sort and get prepped for the week day) I am going to tackle my beauty products as my face moisturiser ran out and I think I have a space in my toiletry drawer in the bathroom or one in my other ‘extras’ drawer upstairs and somehow it is overflowing again. It needs a good sort.


If you are confused about where to start, here are 30 categories/places to tackle in 30 days. You don’t have to do them in 30 days, they are just ideas to get you started.

3. Get everything out and spread it all about


Go around the home, all the random spaces you might have that categories’ items stored and put it all on your bed (or the floor if we are tackling kitchen wear etc). Once it is all out you have committed to sorting what is there, and you can also see everything you have. You might even find some things you forgot you had.


This is why we don’t do location, imagine getting everything out of your garage, you would still be there tomorrow. Pick a category or section and start once small goal at a time.

Another fun and easy step!

4. Be smart with storage


Having a mix of box sizes, bins, baskets, draw dividers, labels, sticky notes, hooks, catchall trays and vessels, all make sorting easier. 


Consider what kind of storage you need and make sure it works for your house and family. Hooks might be the solution for your everyday coats, bags, hats and dog leashes. Things don’t always have to be hidden away. 


Also, make the most of underutilised storage spaces such as underbed (Ikea have cheap really good underbed container solutions – actually lots of storage options) for your seasonal clothing that you don’t wear in the warmer or colder months or season duvets.


Have a look at what you need to store where. You may have to adjust your shelves for those tall books or vases and if you need a place to store your family shoes (if you are a no shoe household), then a nice shoe cupboard in the hallway might be the solution.


This then leads me into step 5!

Smart Storage

5. Treat yourself to stylish storage

Having nice storage encourages you to keep things well-organised and well… nice.

New storage items and organisers like the same hangers, stylish boxes, baskets, etc all help you enjoy the new and tidy aesthetic.

Storage doesn’t have to mean ugly plastic bins. There are plenty of stylish options (think rattan or leather baskets) that can double as décor and match your style.

Like I mentioned above, hooks or ladders are a great solution to contain your clutter. For example in the bathroom, hooks are great for hanging towels, robes, smaller items such as watches or jewellery for when you are showering or washing your face.

Here are just some of the websites we love to style up our storage:

–       Design Stuff – not only is there storage selection stunning, you should check out their other items.

–       The Décor House – Here are ideas for the bedroom but they have so much more.

–       Temple and Webster – have a whole section broken down into spaces .

6. Assess and edit (Kondo’s spark joy moments)


Our advice is to do this in stages:

–       First go through everything and discard anything that is a 100% sure thing to go. These are items that cannot be donated or given away. If it is broken, you have not worn it in 10 years, you need to change that wire or find that random battery… it is a go.

–       Then go through what is left a second time and ask yourself have you used it recently, does it add to your life and if you would truly miss this item if it was gone.

–       Once you have edited, you can relocate the extra items, occasional-use products, into labelled containers or the correct location.


Remember, you don’t have to do this all in one seating. If you know it will take longer, spread it all about in a way you can live with it for a week or until your next declutter date.  

Declutter - Keep what sparks joy

7. If you don’t know, don’t throw


While you are sorting, make a box with things you can’t make a decision on, write a date on this box and put it somewhere out of sight (garage or under the stairs).


Then if you haven’t used or looked into it for 6-12 months, get rid of it.


8. Repurpose, gift and donate

We love a good recycle, reuse or gift story. Try to donate as much as you can as the items you no longer use might spark joy into someone else’s life. 

Donate or consign the rest and make sure to keep a box accessible for storing donations as they come up. When the bag is full, drop off the donations so you can maintain a streamlined wardrobe and house.

Here are some great options for you:

–       You can drop off at Vinnes or the Salvation Army.

–       The Generous and Grateful are an amazing service (they are paused at the moment as moving warehouses but check it out). 

–       There are also rubbish removal services that recycle so check them out too.

“Decluttering doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process—and often, one that requires equal parts motivation and inspiration.”

While a one-time clean-out is an awesome start, consider editing your spaces at least once a quarter to keep on top of the clutter. 


We all thrive better when we have the space to live and think. We set goals and lists with all other aspects of our lives, work, next trip, back to school preparation, why do we not give ourselves the space when it comes to our declutter goals?


Start today and put that date in the diary. 


Our mission is to inspire you to take that first step and clear the physical and resulting mental clutter. 


I will leave you on this one as it always makes me giggle as I look around my office at all the books I will re-read….


“Remember: you are not what you own. Storing all those books doesn’t make you any smarter; it just makes your life more cluttered.” Francine Jay.


If the whole process just overwhelms you… we are here to help.


If you just don’t have the time, and hell we know how chaotic life can be, we offer a ‘Home Declutter & Life Reclaimer Package’ where we roll up our sleeves and tackle those tricky spaces for you (or with you).


We effortlessly transform your home into a space that reflects and inspires the way you want to live. We like to think of ourselves as ‘lifestyle crafters,’ helping you fuel your best life starting in your home.


Book in our free half hour ‘How we can help’ sessions to chat through your decluttering needs. We work in pairs for maximum impact and sort in 2 hour blocks at $450. Does that sound like heaven to you?


No strings attached, only helpful tips to help with the styling overwhelm.


AISHA HILLARY- MORGAN – Creative Director & Head Stylist

Aisha creates balanced, harmonious spaces that are bound together by a carefully considered design narrative, enriching the way you live.


Styling & Decluttering Ideas for Back to School

We are well into 2022 and the back to school (let alone getting back into the work routine) can be daunting, a bit chaotic, especially since so many of us have been home schooling for so long. We are all about lightening your load, simplifying the everyday and setting the home up for successful mornings, productive afternoons and calm, super chilled (tantrum free) evenings.



We have curated a few simple styling, decorating and decluttering tips to get you prepped and embracing the fun (and chaos) of juggling back to school and back to work.


I love this quote “it’s not enough to just hope for a happy and healthy life, it’s a combination of mindset, routines and habits working together that will get you there.” We would take it one step further, mindset, routines, habits and the right home environment to get you there…


Set your family up for success

Set up the night before and simplify your morning.


Everyone’s morning routine is unique… and that is unique with a whole lot of unplanned additions. Here are a few small hacks you can set up that make the morning a little more streamlined.


1. Visual Checklists and Organisers – when it comes to back to school the checklist and organiser has never been so important. We are all visual creatures, so having a visual checklist of what needs to be done, what is planned for the week and any variances in schedule really helps the routine. Also, everything having a place helps minimise thinking and creates habits that creates space for learning and quiet time.

There are a lot of stylish ones out there you can even make it a focal piece of your workspace.


2. Pack your bags (and your #OOTD – outfit of the day) the night before.

This is a good one for the kids and the adults of the household. I am a massive fan of this one.


3. Have your gym bag ready by the door. For the kids or the adults too.


4. Drinking water not only is a must for health it is a big booster for concentration. Set out water bottles (recyclable if possible) to remind you to take them, or fill them the night before and put them in the fridge.


5. Has everything got a place in your home? Where do you store your school bags, your gym bag, lunch boxes, sun creams, hats, keys etc.


6. Maximise your sleep – last but definitely not least, you have to have your sleep situation maximised as nothing beats a good night rest. 


We love to delve into your morning routine and see if there are any small changes we can help you make to simplify. It’s all about optimizing space and finding storage solutions that fit into your daily needs.


Ask yourself, what are our bottlenecks and pain points in the morning, and what can you create to make your life a little more streamlined?

Re-work and Re-love your Space

No one likes a cramped, cluttered, poorly lit or messy work space. It’s a huge distraction and there are many things we can do to help us keep focused and that promotes good and productive work habits in the home.

Whether it’s random junk that simply doesn’t have a place to go or it’s a collection of toys that your kids like to have on display, it all needs to be removed from the workspace and have a nice home that it can be easily located again.

Creating a work zone helps study time be study time and here are some elements to consider:

  • Proper Lighting – One of the most common mistakes people of all ages make these days is when they assume that the light given off by a computer monitor is enough light to work safely.  Back to school styling ideas should always include some plan for proper lighting.  
  • A Comfortable Chair – Having an uncomfortable chair is sooo distracting. This is a must for productivity, posture and also your eyes in the long-term.
  • Colour to stimulate focus – yellow is an energising colour and green is comforting, check your space and see if you have the right mix of colours that will keep you stimulated and focused. What are the colours you love and get you into the productive working zone?
  • Bring in the green – greenery is not only beautiful, but they also help reduce toxins in the air, boost your mood and improve productivity. If you don’t want the commitment of a houseplant, try adding a bouquet of flowers from the garden or succulents to your counter for an instant mood boost. Greenery makes an excellent addition to any room. Incorporating plants into your bedroom also helps for better night’s sleep!


Styling and decluttering ideas can vary hugely depending on the number of kids you have, number of rooms, routines and the WFH situation.

However, there are always some constants and making some of the above tweaks will make a world of difference. 

Here are some product we love that can easily help style your family set up:

Weekly planners
– Personalise with this Etsy monthly organiser
Office Works 
Miss Jacob’s Little Learners 


Stylish school chairs, desks & lighting:
Life Interiors 
Koala Living 
Royal Design 

Lockers for storage and organising: 
Mustard Made Lockers
Montana Furniture 
– Ikea Organisers 
RJ Living 


We help tailoring a study space for our smaller clients and help to make the daily school run smoother for the entire family.

This is what one busy mum shared with us...

“Being a single mum, my 13yo and 9yo had ended up with an array of different pieces of furniture and toys, games, clothes plus bits and pieces from different ages and stages in their bedrooms. Aisha and Jana suggested a functional session that they would host directly with the girls for a few hours in the school holidays and it’s been a gamechanger.  They cleared the clutter and the girls are more comfortable in and proud of their personal spaces.  I’d highly recommend this process to any parent (or anyone really) challenged by clutter and disorganisation in the home!”

Mum from Coogee

If you would love some help to get your family #BacktoSchoolReady then reach out for a chat.


Within a 2 hour declutter session we can have your space transformed into a productive retreat that will help you manage what else 2022 throws your way.


We are ready, let us help you!


Our 5 Key Ingredients to a Healthier & Happier Home

Often in life things feel complicated, overwhelming and cluttered. There is just way too much noise. Life has too much choice, too many things we ‘should’ be doing and just too many ‘tabs’ open. Who hears me?

At Hills & West Interiors we love a simple, purposeful yet playful outlook on life, and to our spaces, and for us, that comes with a few easy guides to steer us, in the right direction (we all know life is full of distractions).



Here are our 5 key ingredients to curate a happier home and everyday life.


1. A Mess Makeover 

Decluttering, simplifying and improving everyday life.

Disorganised stimuli takes your focus away from what is important.


Following are just some of the things we consider:

Making choices easier – how do you live and where are your pressure points?

Easy decluttering steps to improve productivity

– The ‘have you used it in the last year?’ test

Clutter free surfaces providing space to breathe

– Giving key items, especially items used every day, a place to live

Easy access – the value of open storage

Reclaim your mornings and weekend – what are the simple things that can make the morning routine stress-free?

2. It’s All About You 

Tailoring your space to your personality and lifestyle are all about creating havens that spark purpose, happiness and connection for you.


Bring more of;

– what brings you joy?

– what is the style direction that caters to your taste however also lifestyle?

– your personality into your space – memories, personal pieces from travels, words with meaning etc.

– art that speaks to you and crates a talking pieces in your home

– fun – what does that mean to you?


Remember that feeling when you have a fabulous outfit on and you walk with your head held high. What are the secret ingredients, colours, fabrics, combinations and curate that in your home. Your home is your safe space and must cater to your loves, needs and lifestyle… not anyone else’s expectations.


We love simple, purposeful & a little bit of playful.


A few small changes can have a huge impact on your everyday.



3. Functional Bliss

This is where the purposeful and functional come into play.

Focusing on functionality to facilitate easy living and architecting your spaces to cater to the lifestyle you want to lead.


This can all be curated by setting up;

– Clever space hacks

– Balance harmony, utility and intentional placement

– Optimising space – maximising space for how you live and use your spaces

– Reviewing how functional is your home;

      • Zones – rugs and placement
      • Comfort levels
      • Tricky nooks
      • Places for quiet, productivity, conversation corners, connection and fun
      • Flow and movement
      • Pet spaces
      • Exercise/wellness spaces


We feel when it comes to your home, you get what you give. The more you consider and curate your space the more it will give back.


4. Mood Maker

Carefully curating colour, lighting, some furnishings and accessories creating ambiance and the right mood for the right space.


There is so much power in colour, fragrance, window dressings and lighting, here are just some of the things we consider;

– Colour palette rules 60/30/10 (60% of the room should be a dominant colour, 30% should be the secondary colour or texture and the last 10% should be an accent)

– Your personal mood boosting colours

– Right colours for the right rooms – what is the function of the room?

– Let the light in (or create it)

– Mirror magic for light, space and function

– Accessories – sometimes less is more, however adding decorations can make all the difference

– Selecting window dressings to both service a function, such as privacy, sound proofing, sun protection; and mood, such as distinguishing the bedroom from the living space.

– Seasonal refreshes to settle you in for the winter or jump start the spring season

– Creating joyful moments


Building a personal space that feels like home and is that enclave of peace and reprieve is what we strive for.


5. Grounding 

If we can’t feel grounded and connected in our home, where can we?

Bringing in elements that ground you can make a world of difference, this includes;

– Grounding natural elements – greenery

– What is your fragrance? How can we instill a sense of safety, comfort and mood

– Textures it up – looking at the mix of woods, stone, floor coverings and finishings give you a sense of comfort and softness

– Home wellness – have you optimised your home wellness through ventilation, light, placement and memories


We work with you to create spaces that inspire you and allow you to live the life you want to live. No matter how simple or complex your interior styling requirements are, we execute every detail and make the most out of your available budget.


We are on a Mission to empower people to create spaces that enrich the way they live, work and play, ultimately enjoying a happier, more connected and stress-free way of living. It is that simple. We would love to create with you.


An easy way to start is to book in a mini mess makeover session. In 2 hours watch us makeover a key space in your home that will set you up for blissful success in 2022.


Do you want live differently in 2022?


Take that first step here. 



Aisha creates balanced, harmonius spaces that are bound together by a carefully considered design narrative