7 Home Office Organisational Tips

7 Home Office Organisational Tips

Post COVID we live and work differently. For some it is a welcomed reality, for others it is a nightmare as we merge our two worlds.


The WFH (work from home) way of life is much more the norm and perceptions that you are less productive at home have shifted. However… there are ways to help set you up for success in your home work space, no matter what the size.


We can help make you ‘work zone’ into a productive, organised zen. How does that sound?


So now, with a new year approaching, it’s time to clear the clutter and curate a work space that you have dreamed of and been pinning from Pinterest.


Also, if your desk is already clutter-free, we are sure there is still the existence of that stack of papers without a home, that cupboard with a missmatch of office nicknacks that you just don’t know what to do with.


A welcoming and organised desk will not only improve the look of your home but will also inspire you to work more diligently and quickly, clear desk = productive mind.


We’ve compiled 7 easy organisation tips to help keep on top of your to-do list and set you up for success for 2023.


Happy reading and we bet you won’t be able to wait to sort your space!

1. 10 minutes a day

Give yourself either 10 minutes at the end of your day or the start (whatever will get you motivated) to declutter, clear your space and computer. 


Disable all notifications, move your phone to a separate location (or simply turn it over) and close all unwanted web browsers. Plan for the day ahead and start your day with one key task before looking or doing anything else. With a clear desk, cleared computer and one task achieved, how can you not feel motivated 🙂


Have a place for all your paper trail, good old trays still work if you are not all digitised yet. The best way to control your space is to control what enters your house and workstation and deal with it straight away before it becomes clutter.


Key tip – always have a home for your office items. It helps organise and declutter and saves time as you are never wondering where things are.

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2. Let's get organised 

Next, the best way to set you up for success is to get the tools. You can go to Ikea, Officeworks, Kmart, Target, Myer, Temple & Webster and if you want to go down a rabbit hole, check out Etsy, so many fabulous storage ideas.


Add to the list; storage for paperwork, open cabinets for books and work memorabilia, compartmentalised drawers for storing some basic stationery, pen holders, cord holders, storage baskets and boxes.

Sorting the workspace with these basic items is a start to getting your workspace looking good and organised. 


Key tip – make a list of items you want to store (and then a list of the items to store them in) and get Googling. Choose a retailer, write your list of items then go in and conquer. Always have a list cause if you don’t you will get distracted and it will be hours lost.


Source: Tumblr 

3. Ways to store ​

Some storage suggestions…


a. Open/closed shelving 

* Temple & Webster – Mesh 2 door storage


b. Storage cabinet and files do not need to be boring check out;

* Mustard Made

* Hay – lots of fabulous desk storage

* Design Stuff – for storage caddies and more


c. File organisers

* Ikea – lots of file organisers and storage solutions


d. Plastic bins 

* Hay shade bins are fab 


e. Storage baskets or boxes

* Storage Box for Plugs/Cables/Wires


f. Draw sorters

* Kmart – lots of home office suggestions


g. Colour coding filing system / label makers

4. Working the wellness

Now you have an organised and decluttered desk here are some easy steps to get you into your flow.


1. Are you in a space that stimulates your creativity or productivity? For me it’s absolute silence but for others it could be classical music (baroque is meant to help you with your focus) or easy listening tunes.


2. Are you surrounded with oxygen giving, air cleaning, green loving plants? Fill your space with greenery as it not only looks beautiful but serves a wellness function too.


3. Light, are you near a good light source? Is your screen facing it so you don’t have glare? Open those blinds and windows and take in the natural light and air and connect with nature.


4. It’s commonly known that smell is the most rapid-acting of all the senses, accessing brain receptors before the other senses kick in. So make sure your work environment is stimulating your mind.


Based on what researchers found, here are some scientifically proven scents that can be infused into a workspace to help improve productivity:
* Lavender.
* Lemon.
* Sandalwood.
* Jasmine.
* Peppermint.
* Rosemary.


Key tip – if it fosters productivity improvement and burnout reduction then why not!!! Cater to your senses and see the joy blossom.

Source : Instagram 

5. Creating happy homes for your things

When everything has a home there are a few different benefits, firstly, you know where to find it and can save your precious time during the day, secondly, when items have a home they are less likely to get damaged and it is important to treat our ‘things’ with respect and care to ensure they will serve their purpose for as long as possible.


Have a destination for the items you use everyday. Also have a draw, cupboard or shelf for the items that don’t have a home, at least then you know where to always start your search.


Labelling and organising according to your personal logic is always best. Your workstation will run much more efficiently if it caters to your lifestyle and ways of working.

Source: A beautiful mess

6 Workspace lighting 

It’s time to get the task light you used in high school back, however it can be much more stylish 🙂


We cannot emphasise enough the importance of including good, effective lighting to amplify the workspace and help you concentrate on your activity, let alone keeping your eyes less strained.


Here are some of the ones we like/love from some different price points:

* Beacon Lighting – minimal, stylish and cost effective – $40

* Temple and Webster – cost effective and super functional – RRP $45

* Matt Blatt – simple and minimal – $134

* Temple and Webster – a little more contemporary – $119

* Design Italy – if you want to go a little more unusual – $350

And now for my very, personal favourites:

* Muuto Tip Table Lamp – as pictured here – $400

* Anglepoise – Type 75 Paul Smith Edition Four – if you want to brighten up your space – $575

* &Tradition – Flowerpot VP3 table lamp – Just puts a smile on my face every time – $675

* &Tradition – Tripod table lamp is a favourite – $800

* Louis Poulsen – AJ Table Light – the colour choices are fabulous – $2150


Ah… I could go on forever with my faves.

Source: Mutto 

7  Control your schedule and to-do lists.

How do you remember to go to your meetings, assignments, and other commitments? Are you old-school analogue paper and pen, or have you switched to a digital calendar, but are still using sticky notes to keep track of deadlines and crucial dates?


Choose a strategy that you can stick with. All of your significant reminders can be stored on your mobile or other personal device if you choose to go paperless. This covers all of your due dates, appointments, meetings and to-do lists.


Throw away all of your previous to-do lists on paper. So that you always know where you need to go, sync your phone’s calendar with the one on your computer.


Another option is to remain with a more traditional structure, such as a memo board. The best way to keep track of all your significant monthly events is to use a magnetic, write-on, or calendar-style board. Maintain it up to date and hang it directly over your workstation.


For your to-do lists, I really find it helpful to block out time in the calendar. I have weekly project update sessions, weekly catch-ups with my team, no meeting days and design days. If I have consistency (well try to) in my weeks that helps me organise my life a little 😉


Key tip – whatever you do, just make sure it is all in the one place, this way you will never miss out on a date or ‘action’ item.

Source: Crate & Barrel 

These little organisational suggestions can assist you in creating a plan to structure your everyday work/life space in a much more balanced and joyful way. Start small and try and make consistent, little changes, everyday that help you de-stress and more productive.


We love decluttering, organising and sorting. Just love it. If you enjoyed reading our blog, stay tuned on our socials to catch a glimpse of some behind-the-scenes de-cluttering in the home workplace. If it’s all too much and you want some help kick-starting your work space, we’re just a call away!

Book in a call here and we can get you started.

Big love

Aisha xox

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