1. How much does home and property styling cost?

Hills & West packages start from $500 + GST

  • Onsite Consult and Recommendations: $500 +
  • Declutter and Space Maximiser: $650 +
  • Room Packages start from $750
  • Refresh and Sell: $1350 onwards for Full day
  • Full Home Style: $1850 +
  • Aspirational home: $2500 onwards
  • Concierge service: starting from $150/hr.

If you would like to chat through your needs either book in a free virtual consult here or you can reach out to us at hello@hillsandwest.com

2. How does the styling process work?

We have a process that helps you through the sometimes-stressful process of home refreshing, renovating or styling to sell. We are flexible to work within your parameters, however have the H&W Way, a process that makes everything as streamlined as possible.

  • Virtual Consult: Chat through your needs and how we can help. This is also a great opportunity for you to ask any question at all.
  • Onsite Review & Measure: Here we visit your space and chat through your wishlist. This is usually 2-3 hours dependent on size of the space and your personal goals.
  • Moodboards & Materials: The next stage we start looking at overall themes, to room specific and the materials to make your space sing.
  • Sourcing & Procurement: We then source the perfect pieces for your space and give you 2-3 options within your desired budget. Once you have selected the pieces you love, we do all the work for you and source trade quotes, fabrications and lead times.
  • Styling & the finishing touches: Once everything arrives we come in and make sure that tie it all together with some Hills & West magic.

You can be as involved and hands on as you wish. We are here to help.

3. What types of properties do you style?

We style apartments, townhouses, free-standing houses, office spaces (work from home and/or corporate spaces), commercial spaces and retail spaces, Airbnb’s and homestays, summer houses, beach house, farm houses, real estate open houses and many more. You can reach out to us at hello@hillsandwest.com and we’ll be able to help you with this in the best way possible.

4. How long does the whole process take?

The design and styling process varies depending on the size of the house, number of rooms and how much redesign/renovations you would like. Generally, our projects run between 1 to 6 months depending on lead times and trade availability.

Following is an example of a project’s stages;

  • First consultation and brief: 2 hours free consultation
  • Proposal: Talk through how we can help you
  • Design concept and visualisations 1: 1 Week duration
  • Presentation meeting 1: 2 Hour meeting
  • Design feedback and budgeting: Client feedback
  • Design concept and visualisations 2: 1-week duration
  • Project progress and presentation meeting 2: 2 hours
  • Design feedback: Client feedback and decision
  • Design concept finalization: 1-week duration
  • Procurement: 1-week duration
  • Site visits: Usually take about 2 hours (Can be as many as the client requires for project management)
  • Final styling visit: 2-4 hours
5. Do you just assist with the purchasing of furniture?

Yes, we can just assist with furniture purchasing. If you are interested in any particular piece of furniture you would like to include in your design, we source and get trade quotes for you for a small procurement fee. We work with so many amazing brands based in Australia and have trade accounts with most suppliers.

It is all up to you, you can select pieces from our directory of suppliers or we are more than happy to contact a supplier you are interested in and delve into the product quality and terms.

It’s all about making the house beautiful and working according to your requirements.

6. How are purchases handled?

Our purchases are very flexible; we can purchase individual items for you and then invoice you at the end of the month in one simple invoice. You can also purchase the individual items yourself (via trade invoices).

7. Do you charge for your first meeting?

Our Initial / first virtual consultation is free as we delve into your needs, how we can help you and if we are the right solution for you.

In this virtual consult we discuss your needs and how you would like the project to run. Our first in-home consultation is $500 plus GST.

8. What's the benefit of bringing in a design at an early stage in the design process?

We are here to help you bring your vision to life. We give you options and give you the confidence in your decisions through our experience and connections in the industry.

Interior designers have an array of experience and versatility in executing their designs.

When a designer is involved in the design process from start to finish, we can help bring your vision together cohesively, procure the most amazing pieces and custom designs you might not have known were accessible, we review the special and functional planning and most importantly that everything works with your estimated budget and time line.

9. How do you set a budget?

We can help guide you on this. In our recommendations and proposals, we suggest a price range per room, with usually about 20% flexibility so you can invest in that piece that you adore.

10. How does the procurement and purchasing work?

We create shopping lists for clients as per design requirements, which breaks down the sourcing and procurement as per individual rooms with each item costing and markup. The sheet is updated with each purchase showing the cost, discount, trade price and markup with the total costing and is shared with you so you are always aware of the expenses throughout the development of the project.

11. Where are you located and what are your business hours?

We currently have teams working out of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast in Australia. If you would like to discuss your styling needs, please book in a ½ hour online session and we can chat through how we can help.

Our business hours are Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm.

12. Can my current furniture be incorporated into the new design plan?

Yes absolutely!! We would love to refresh your space with existing pieces of furniture which you love. In the initial meeting we always review the pieces you want to incorporate to ensure they are always in the design.

13. In what style of décor do you specialise?

Yes absolutely!! We would love to refresh your space with existing pieces of furniture which you love. In the initial meeting we always review the pieces you want to incorporate to ensure they are always in the design.

14. Who is part of the H&W team?

Founder and head curator Aisha Hillary-Morgan is based in Sydney and is lucky to have a talented team, Jana, who runs and style projects in Melbourne and the Gold Coast and Prachi, who works in the background keeping all our projects on track, designing and sourcing from New York.