We help create spaces that inspire the way you live, work, play and connect.

We are Interior Stylists that offer home, work and play, styling and decorating services. If you are looking to sell or lease your property, our styling services are here to help create that wow, ‘must have’ factor there too.

Our philosophy thrives on bringing you quality and craftsmanship, a considered curation that does not date, a sense of playfulness, and the chance to bring your story and personality to life in your space.

We want to bring the joy back to everyday life, room by room, through objects and stories, conversation starters, laughter enhancers and calm corners of tranquility.

We have a holistic approach to lifestyle that takes in all spaces, their interiors, textiles, products and decorative arts.

Through the curation of colour, light, function, flow, fragrance and considered pieces, we maximise space (including those sticky nooks) with simple, effective, creative solutions.

We work with you to bring your vision to life.

We craft your space into something uniquely you, creating a space of warmth, calm and sanctuary; a space that is timeless and tailored to your way of living.

An organised life starts in the home


We’re absolutely obsessed with organising, sorting, decluttering and making daily life easier. 


We know that having an organised home has a profound effect on your everyday life; your productivity, your relationships, your stress-levels, your happiness and your wellbeing.

This is why we offer a decluttering service in Sydney. We know the instant impact it has and are happy to start the process with you or go all the way into every last nook and cranny.


Is it time to bring some order into your home chaos?


Before starting any home refresh, refurnish or transformation, we always suggest a declutter session first. You will be amazed at how quickly you can see the results, improve your home flow and save you time. It also allows you a spaciousness to think about what you really want and how you envision the greater transformation.


No matter how simple or complex your requirements may be, we style to inspire and look forward to gifting you with spaces that you absolutely adore.

Whatever we do, we always focus on being purposeful yet playful, to bring you joy.

Functional, quirky, unforgettable and unapologetically you. We love creating spaces & campaigns that inspire and bring you joy.

Drawing inspiration from our team’s diverse knowledge and expertise allows us to approach all projects through a commercial lens to ensure we plan, communicate clearly and deliver the best possible outcomes, all whilst managing client aspirations and expectations.

We Are Here For You

We are client service driven and results focused when it comes to all of our interior styling projects. First and foremost, we are here to deliver exceptional outcomes for your living arrangements, the sale of your home or your lifestyle aspirations. Understanding your needs and requirements is our utmost priority to ensure the desired outcome is achieved each and every time.

Functional and Memorable

When it comes to styling your home, our approach is far from a cookie-cutter model. Coming from design, product development and commercial backgrounds ensures we deliver solutions that are both functional and bespoke to your home. We create spaces that are equally breathtaking and memorable as they are efficient and effective.

Collaboration and Communication is Key

We know communication is fundamental to ensure openness and transparency, resulting in a clear brief that delivers a successful project. We encourage you to be as involved in the journey as you care to be – you can make decisions alongside us, or hand over the reigns completely. Whether you are a home styling or property styling to sell, we work to your determined budget and communicate efficiently to ensure there are no unwanted surprises, only delightful outcomes.

We Love A Challenge

Always proactive and hands-on, we work well under pressure and love a good deadline. We thrive on challenging spaces and circumstances that allow us to create something truly unique and exceeds expectations.

We are passionate about what we do and are so grateful that every project is an opportunity to bring our clients’ vision to life.

FOUNDER & HEAD STYLIST – Aisha Hillary-Morgan


Aisha has spent her whole life crafting brand narratives, curating spaces, creating immersive experiences and chasing innovations. After setting up Hills & West in 2014 as a product design business, in 2018 Aisha decided it was time to take her big picture strategy, creative direction and extensive project delivery knowledge into interior styling which was a lifelong passion. This was the start of Hills & West Interiors, initially starting in homes before evolving to commercial and retail styling and decorating projects. 

Luckily the 20 years of corporate strategy, communications and managing global teams in multiple industries (including technology, finance, retail, TV, media and aviation) brings with it extensive experience in delivery, compliance and juggling multiple projects, stakeholders and diverse budgets.

Aisha works to create balanced, harmonious spaces that are bound together by a carefully considered design narrative, through the layering of materials, texture, colour, art and objects. Aisha’s approach to interiors is influenced by her love of design, art and culture in Australia and abroad.

Over the last few years Aisha has focused on interior styling and decorating of homes, home offices, residential projects to sell and staged property developments in Sydney, with a few fabulous projects abroad. This is on top of the hundreds of fashion shoots, events, rebrands, film sets and so much more that was undertaken before Hills & West was born. Aisha has even designed the livery and interiors for an airline, but that is a whole other conversation…



With over 10 years interior design experience in northern Europe, Jana’s brings worldly design influences, unique aesthetics and functionality into all living spaces. Growing up on the border of Denmark, Jana has a touch of the Scandinavian “hygge”, and in combination with her German values of planning, structure, accuracy and punctuality, she brings a positive attitude and absolute diligence and efficiency to every project.


Jana has worked with leading European interior design consultants, focused on high-end residential projects, but she loves the challenge of small budget projects. In this time-space Jana has managed and successfully executed more than 100 different projects.


From refurnishing, designing bespoke joinery and small-scale renovations of bathrooms and kitchens. Jana has also been the lead Interior Designer and Project Manager for numerous high-end residential property projects, an apartment holiday complex and transition of a historic 180-year-old country house into a hotel and event facility.


She has travelled all over the world and since settling in Australia Jana has worked for a commercial project management company and one of Australia’s leading furniture and design brands Coco Republic.


Jana believes that everyone deserves to live in a space which you can call HOME.  That’s why she is such a brilliant addition to the team; helping us create unique interior solutions where FORM – FUNCTION – LIFE combine.

Design and Production Manager – Prachi Fulwane


Prachi is an Architect and Spatial designer, born and brought up in Mumbai, India; currently based in New York City. After working in India, Greece and now America, Prachi brings a global perspective and a passionate drive to always challenge the norm to the Hills & West team. Prachi is one talented all-rounder making sure all projects run effectively and at the forefront of global design standards, creatively sourcing globally with her extended connections and knowledge. She also is a pro in 3D design and loves connecting on our socials, making sure everything is always delighting and bringing joy at Hills & West.


With her tasteful style and design insight, she supports our team across Australia. Her personal design love is minimalistic, contemporary, mid-century modern with a bit of playful eclectic. She has worked on a variety of high-end residential and commercial projects, from designing luxury interiors to crafting custom furniture. 


Like all of us at Hills & West, she has experience working for a variety of design-based companies, from assisting set designers, product stylists, interior stagers and visual merchandisers to working for architects and interior designers. Her expertise in all of these areas enables her to manage our clients and projects from ideation to procurement, effortlessly. This is what we are all about


She is a globetrotter and is currently based in New York, where she is pursuing her passion in design and working overseas for Hills & West. Hopefully next stop Australia.


According to Prachi, every design embodies integrity in its intentions as well as moral production in its creation. She also believes that introducing herself to various societies can increase her understanding of the world and foster a greater appreciation for the history and cultures of diverse regions. We adore working with her and think she is a wonderful addition to the team.

We are on a Mission to empower people to create spaces that enrich the way they live, work and play, ultimately enjoying a happier, more connected and stress-free way of living.


  1. We are: Activists of Optimism

– We love what we do and our passion is infectious. 

– Creating joy for our team, clients and all in our community is what drives us.

– We empower others to be brave: brave to make choices, brave to follow their dreams, brave to seek what is in their hearts.

– We energise others with our positivity and our understanding approach.

– We are the happiness maximisers in every situation.


  1. We are: Forever Striving for Remarkable

– Complacency is not our thing. We set high standards when it comes to all our home styling, property styling and brand re-imagining projects. We have relentless attention to detail and we love giving everything a go to our best ability.

– We are proactive to seek out how we can do better, to face challenges head on, and to create a sense of wonder and surprise.

– We are committed to constantly improving – personally, collectively and for our clients.

– We are always early and ask ‘what can I do next’. It gives us joy to delight and amaze.

– We go above and beyond in all we do… it’s just who we are.


  1. We are: Straight Talkers 

– We always do what we say we will do… and more.

– We are simplifiers and communicate in a clear, concise and honest way. We don’t over complicate things and always welcome questions.

– We are brave to tell the truth, we believe in authenticity in our efforts towards your perfection.

– We believe everyone is equal and we reflect on one’s viewpoint to achieve the best results.

– We treat everyone as family, with respect, care and generosity.


  1. We are: Ferociously Curious 

– We are committed to continuously improving, learning and challenging the norm, personally and collectively.

– We invest the time to seek out knowledge until we are satisfied there is enough input, and then seek a little more.

– We solicit ideas and information from everyone, everywhere, constantly staying inspired, and of course curious, when it comes to design, interior design, architecture, interior styling and space decorating.

– We mandate simplicity where possible – intuitive and stress-free is our primary goal.

– We are forever searching for the magic ingredients to create the best result.


  1. We are: Purposeful in all we do 

– We create spaces with considered purpose, by keeping core to our client’s values and to our own. 

– We are inspired by our community of good people, doing good things.

– We are generous with our time for the greater cause and to help others.

– We love doing what we can to protect the environment and chose the better alternative.

– We are here to enrich the way we live, work, play and connect, one space at a time. We believe in home styling and property styling with a difference that you will come to love and adore.


We believe in purposefully living our values in the way we behave, and the things we do, every day.