Thank you for the Magic 2023!

Thank you for the Magic 2023!

As we bid farewell to the wonderful of 2023, I wanted to share my deepest gratitude & love to our phenomenal clients, suppliers, artisans, trades & our remarkable team. Your unwavering support, trust & creativity have been such an important part of our journey, so we say a massive thank you.

Embracing Change

This year was a whirlwind of change! From new projects & partnerships to relocating studios & venturing into Singapore, exploring the rich tapestry of Asia’s artisans, we’re excited for what 2024 holds. Your continued support means the world & we hope to enrich your lives a little with our discoveries.

8 Years of Hills & West Lifestyle Accessories

After eight remarkable years of championing Australian artisans, we’ve hit pause on our new collections to focus on @hillsandwestinteriors. Your overwhelming support in our sale nearly sold out all our stock! We’re grateful & will continue with creating small handmade batches of our best sellers (email us to join the waitlist) & by staying true to our passion for supporting local talent, especially with our interiors business.

Hills & West Interiors

Our journey in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast & now Singapore has been incredible. We’re on a quest for unique, quality-crafted, multifunctional products that bring your spaces to life. We are delving deeper into longlife, recycled, repurposed & adaptive furniture for 2024. Enhancing how people live, work & connect is our passion & we have exciting partnerships & opportunities unfolding in the new year.

2024: Being Better

In reflecting on last year’s focus of ‘Adventure,’ I feel incredibly fortunate to have had a year filled with new experiences, travels & discoveries. Life has taught me the invaluable lesson of cherishing every moment that we experience & to have an open mind & arms to new opportunities.

So, my focus for this year is clear: to strive for improvement. I aim to better not only my own fam’s daily life but also the experiences of my clients & partnerships. Most importantly, I commit to nurturing our environment. This year, I’m dedicated to seeking innovative solutions, more durable, versatile & sustainable products, forging partnerships with mindful suppliers & guiding my clients towards better choices. It’s about reducing our environmental impact while fostering kindness & connections.

Let’s strive for another exceptional year, built on gratitude & a firm commitment to creating positive change.

Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous festive season filled with love, laughter & yummy food.

Here’s to sharing more Hills & West magic with you in 2024.Big love,

Aisha xox

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