Photographs for Peace: Leading Female Photographers Unite for Humanitarian Impact

Photographs for Peace

Photographs for Peace: Leading Female Photographers Unite for Humanitarian Impact

In the face of global atrocities, a group of compassionate photographers and organisations have come together to create a tangible impact for the most vulnerable victims—women and children. As we bear witness to the escalating humanitarian crisis in Gaza, Photographs for Peace emerges as a little beacon of hope.


Agender unites Médecins Sans Frontières and Save the Children, collaborating with over 30 artists who generously lend their talents to this meaningful cause. It represents a beautiful and active response to some of the insurmountable atrocities witnessed worldwide over the last year.

In the midst of global turmoil, I often find myself feeling powerless and exercise great caution in voicing opinions to support causes whose intricacies I don’t fully understand. However, with Photographs for Peace—a project led by individuals I deeply admire—the mission is clear: extending a helping hand to women and children profoundly affected by these horrific events.


“I feel completely helpless in the face of such large scale suffering and destruction for the Palestinian people in both Gaza and the West Bank – this feels like a small gesture of solidarity and support as I sit here in safety and comfort, witnessing the most abhorrent and brutal attacks on a population comprised of 50% children and babies” shares photographer Amy Woodward.


From January 19 to February 2, 2024, every dollar raised above basic print costs and processing fees directly supports these organisations. Preview the powerful artworks here, with each archival-quality open edition print available for $70 + shipping.


“The war in Gaza is harrowing,” expresses photographer Alex Vaughan. “Our work as photographers and artists aims to contribute, even in some small way, to two organisations working tirelessly on the front lines.”


This initiative extends beyond fundraising; it seeks to foster solidarity and shared responsibility in a time of overwhelming hopelessness.

Your support matters. Purchase a print, donate, or share this message to make a meaningful impact during these deeply disturbing times.


Sign up for the launch here and be part of this compassionate movement.


Photographs for Peace, Cara O'Dowd

Photographs for Peace, Cara O’Dowd

Participating photographers include:

Alex Vaughan, Amy Woodward, Ana Suntay-Tañedo, Bec Lorrimer, BriƩ Murphy, Cara O’Dowd, Cybele Malinowski, Elise Hassey, Emily May, Grace Costa, Lilli Waters, Lisa Maree Williams, Liz Ham, Lucy Alcorn, Michele Aboud, Ming Nomchong, Natalie Finney, Penny Lane, Petrina Tinslay, Sally Ann, Sian Fay, Sim Kaur, Stephanie Cammarano, Stephanie Pedersen, Stephanie Simcox, Tanja Bruckner, Tess Lehman, Yasmin Mund and Yasmin Suteja.



Angela, co-founder Agender, is a dear friend of mine and when she reached out to me I wanted to know more. Here are some of Angela’s responses to my personal questions around how this initiative came about.


Why are you driving this fundraiser?

I couldn’t sit on my hands any longer. I had already been on a self-imposed extended maternity leave ever since my daughter was born 2.5 years ago. As news of the atrocities in Gaza kept coming, I found myself unable to process any of it.

I came across this quote on Insta – something like: “Every time I tuck my child into bed, I think of a mother in Palestine who is holding her child for the last time.” It absolutely wrecked me, and I couldn’t shake it.

I felt so powerless; but if there’s one thing I can do, it’s organise. So I thought I would utilise Agender – which has also been on hiatus – to rally some photographers together and see what we could do.


When did you think of ‘Photography for Peace’ and how did you make it all happen?

I had been thinking about it ever since October, but finally put everything into action in early December. I started by emailing the Agender family photographers who had exhibited in our 2019 International Women’s Day exhibition. I then extended the list by messaging photographers on Instagram, followed by reaching out to get the official involvement of Médecins Sans Frontières and Save the Children, and finally finding an excellent print partner in Lucent Imaging.

I am trying not to put pressure on myself with respect to the results of this campaign, as it is literally my “toe-dip” back into working on something after being a full time mum. However ultimately, I just want us to be able to make a difference, however big or small. It’s incredible to see everyone’s compassion turning into tangible action. Every single dollar raised will be a dollar more than zero.


Any future plans for Agender and driving awareness for female photographers?

In the past, we’ve held International Women’s Day exhibitions, hosted or taken part in panel talks, made efforts to build connections between emerging and established photographers/directors, and worked on commercial or pro bono shoots where we try our best to employ all-female crew; all while telling stories that go beyond a typical brand shoot – and these stories often end up highlighting diversity in ethnicity, ability and demographics as well as gender. 

Both Cybele (Agender co-founder) and I have been on hiatus for some time, with multiple babies, work and nurturing the self taking priority. We would love to pick up where we left off, with even more focus and intention in 2024. Photographs for Peace is a beautiful way to start.


Angela, I love your passion and drive and I am always here to help or support where possible. It is people like you that make a difference, one small, kind action at a time.


Thank you to everyone involved in Photographs for Peace and I hope we all, united together, can make a small difference to the people in need.

Big love 

Aisha xox


If you would like to support even more or have any ideas on how to help this wonderful initiative please contact:

Angela Liang, Co-Founder, Agender


About Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

MSF delivers medical care based on need alone and operates independently of government, religion or economic influence and irrespective of race, religion or gender.

MSF teams have been working in Palestine since 1989. In Gaza, MSF provides medical care and support for a health system that urgently lacks both medical personnel and supplies.


About Save the Children

Save the Children Australia does whatever it takes to save, protect and stand up for children and ensure no child is left behind. Save the Children gives children the opportunity to learn, protect them from harm, help them stay healthy, and when disaster strikes, is on the front line, saving lives. Save the Children’s team in the occupied Palestinian territory has been working around the clock, prepositioning vital supplies to support people in need, and working to find ways to get assistance into Gaza. Save the Children is also advocating for a ceasefire. In the face of a dire humanitarian crisis in Gaza, a ceasefire is essential to save lives and provide vital aid. #ceasefirenow


About Lucent Imaging

“It’s fantastic to see Angela and Cybele at Agender championing female image makers to thrive, alongside strong impact values to invest into the lives of others.” Korske Ara, Lucent Imaging.


About Angela Liang

Agender Co-Founder, Producer, Production Designer and Stylist

Angela is obsessed with bringing concepts into reality with just the right aesthetic to tell the client’s story, while pushing the boundaries of reality into the imagined and aspirational. She has had the privilege of working with boundary-pushing creatives on Australian and overseas campaigns for the likes of Westfield, Dermalogica, American Express, CommBank, Campos, Palmolive, Vodafone, Merivale and Jockey.

Once an investment banker, a quarter-life crisis became a shift into the creative world, through which she joined photographer & director Cybele Malinowski to co-found Agender. Having gone from one male-dominated field into another, Angela is passionate about restoring balance to an industry that should be based on creative merit and technical proficiency. Through championing the work of diverse creatives, her mission is to redefine perspectives and help the world see through a more inclusive lens.

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