Embracing Change: Hills & West Interiors’ Singapore Journey

Hills & West Interiors Singapore

Embracing Change: Hills & West Interiors’ Singapore Journey

Ten months ago, an unexpected shift beckoned my husband across the globe, swapping the bustling streets of Sydney for the vibrant energy of Singapore. Initially, the plan was for me to shuttle back and forth, but somehow my husband seemed to miss me, let’s be honest, our beloved pup, thus, it didn’t take long for the decision to relocate both our lives, and consequently, Hills & West Interiors, to Singapore.

Ultimately the move totally resonates with our lust for new adventures and opens up all the exciting opportunities that Singapore and Asia hold. A fusion of cultures, a hub of innovation, and a vibrant canvas for food and island exploration await us.

Now settled in and with “Hills & West Interiors Singapore” all registered and ready to go, I’m very eager to collaborate with new artisans and furniture makers, with a huge focus on seeking the intersection where innovation and sustainability converge in furniture design. Exploring ways to extend the life of discarded pieces, upcycling, recycling, revamping and reusing, all to minimise our impact on the earth. Something I have been very passionate about for years now. Just think back to my Hills & West bag collection in 2019, upcycling offcuts for my Crescent Clutches collection and in 2021 my A-Tote Collection made from apple’s by products that would usually go to landfill.

Our journey in Singapore is about enriching lives – whether it’s helping newcomers settle into their homes (just like us) or enhancing the essence of existing spaces. The people I’ve met here have been nothing short of inspiring, contributing to a tapestry of opportunities and crafting beautiful, purposeful pieces.

While venturing into new territories, rest assured that our roots in Australia remain strong. Jana’s nurturing hand in Melbourne, overseeing exciting home renovation projects, and Bec’s meticulous care in Brisbane and the Gold Coast reaffirms our commitment to excellence.

For those in Sydney, fret not! I’ll be returning every three months, ensuring our clients continue to experience the magic we weave into their homes. Our fab team back in Sydney is geared up to bring your dreams to life. Moreover, this exchange of insights between Singapore and Australia is set to elevate our craft even further. We’re excited to infuse the Hills & West magic into homes across borders, amalgamating the best of both worlds.

So, let’s set sail into 2024, brimming with anticipation and zest. Stay tuned as we embark on this joyous journey, spreading Hills & West magic to enrich homes and hearts.

Big love

Aisha xox

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