Part 2 | Some Easy Tips to Get Your Feng Shui Qi On

Part 2 | Some Easy Tips to Get Your Feng Shui Qi On

Designing individual rooms with Feng Shui

As the new year brings in new possibilities and dreams, I throw the question out there…. who would love some more balance, flow, space and quiet moments in 2023?


I can comfortably say, I WOULD LOVE MORE PLEASE!


So, I thought now was a great time to share part 2, a deeper dive into Feng Shui, to help us start creating more balance and harmony in our homes.


It’s not difficult and with just a few simple changes we can attempt to start 2023 with a deeper, slower and calmer, B R E A T H …


BTW, if you want to recap on where Feng Shui comes from and how it works, read our Part 1 – Feng Shui : What it means and it’s adaptation in everyday spaces here.

Source : Stone mountain and casting

The flow of energies is one of the fundamental principles of Feng Shui. Each room has a different function and has different rules around flow.


This Chinese art of living emphasises certain basic rules in terms of layout, color selection, and material selection for a more serene environment. The key is to find contentment and to create a life oriented on well-being!


Let’s get right into it…

For the living room

A square or rectangle is the ideal Feng Shui layout for a living room, however these principles can be used in unusual or L-shaped living room arrangements.


Qi (good energy) will inherently be present in nooks. They are therefore perfect for activities that require slower, more relaxed energy. For nooks, having a reading corner with an armchair is ideal. Or it could be a perfect place to have a little desk for work, to slow down and focus.


When arranging the room, start with the biggest piece of furniture (typically a sofa), place it against a wall, ideally the one farthest from the entry, facing a door or other opening, and leave at least 10cm space between it and the wall. If you have extra pieces, like lounger or occasional chairs, place it so it promotes conversation. Avoid cramming the area. The intention is to encourage energy flow. Avoid choosing a coffee table with sharp angles. Simply contrast the shapes in the smaller elements if a circle or oval feels too out of balance with the rest of your furnishings.

Source : Peter Molick

For the bedroom

According to Feng Shui, some colours encourage calm feelings and deep sleep in the bedroom. We all want that. Select subdued colours like off-white, cream and taupe. Another excellent technique to encourage calm in your bedroom is to rearrange the layout of the space. 


According to Feng Shui, pairings foster a loving, harmonious spirit. Choose pairs if at all possible. That means having two nightstands, pillows, lamps, etc. To assist you to decide what should be in your environment to evoke the five senses, consult a Bagua map. Smell with lavendar essential oils, touch with soft bedding, earth tones through imagery, art or wallpaper. You can go for all five with lemon water for taste and calming white noise for sound.


Start with your bed and position it far from the doorway but not immediately facing it, just as you would in the living room. Avoid placing too many electrical devices close to where you sleep.


Avoid placing a television in your personal space if feasible. This frequently becomes the center of attention in the space, which lessens the relaxing energy. Combine masculine and feminine details, pick soft-coloured linens if your bed frame is made of metal or wood. Put comfy furnishings in your bedroom to entice a peaceful, calming spirit. This balance can be enhanced by the use of green and blue colours.

Source : Mind Body Green

Bathroom tips

The bathroom has more purposes than just performing everyday cleaning and preparation tasks. When decorated Feng Shui-style, it can assist in expelling negative energy and receiving good Qi. The bathroom receives strong energy in addition to your bedroom and kitchen, which can improve your wellbeing.


Regardless of where the bathroom is located, there are various solutions if you’re concerned that it will clog the energy drain. To start, green, green, green, bring in those plants and let the positive, cleansing energy flow. Next, not a very used technique, but it works, you can raise the Qi by hanging a mirror from the ceiling over the toilet. Next, to stop that energy from leaking into the rest of your house, always keep the bathroom door closed. Finally, you can take steps to maintain the bathroom’s functionality as well as its ongoing cleanliness, freshness, and organisation.

Source : DBS Bathroom

Kitchen Qi tips

The kitchen in your home symbolises the Feng Shui element of fire due to the stove. A kitchen in the middle of the house represents a fire at the home’s heart, which might attract unfavourable energy and luck. Don’t fear we have some tips to help increase the Qi coming up.


Just for reference, a favourable Feng Shui position places the kitchen in the north or northeast, as well as the south or southwest corner of the home. Now I know we can’t move the kitchen in our home but we can definitely set it up for the best Feng Shui possible.


Deep-clean your appliances, clear the countertops and make sure everything has a place in storage to get it ready for favourable Feng Shui. To keep everything clear and out of the way, use concealed storage options like pantry storage boxes, cabinet door hooks and drawer organisers. You know we love a storage solution and organiser. Keep blades sharpened and replace any crockery, cooking utensils or other objects that are cracked or non-functional.


The earth element’s yellows and beiges, which are connected to health and relationships, are the best paint colours to integrate into this space according to Feng Shui.

Source : KRB Kitchen and design

Positivity, balance and flow are captured by knowing how to provide harmony, serenity with your Qi.


You want your home to feel welcoming, comfortable and a safe place to live your best life in.


Decluttering is always is such a great start to get the positive energy flowing and a new year. Look around and see if you can make a few tweaks to get you started.


Although Feng Shui is definitely not our speciality, we do continue to try and learn and integrate it into the homes we curate.


We are always here to help you get your Feng Shui on, so book a consult if you would like some more zen, flow and organisation in your life.

Big love,

Aisha xox

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