Styling to Sell: Elevating Home Appeal for Maximum Impact – Kew

Styling to Sell – Elevating Home Appeal for Maximum IMPACT

Impact Introduction: Embark on a journey through the transformation of a vibrant apartment in Melbourne’s bustling real estate market. Collaborating with a long-time client, a talented
graphic designer, was both a joy and an opportunity to showcase our expertise in crafting spaces that captivate potential buyers. Having previously assisted her in sourcing furniture for her home and providing feedback on kitchen and bathroom renovations, our
partnership was already steeped in trust and understanding, setting the stage for a seamless collaboration.

The Brief: With Anna’s bold sense of style and a desire to make her apartment stand out in a crowded market, our mission was clear: to curate a space that exuded charm while appealing to a diverse audience. Every decision was deliberate, aimed at accentuating the
apartment’s unique features and ensuring broad appeal.
We carefully selected soft furnishings and key pieces that not only enhanced the space for prospective buyers but also resonated with Anna’s personal style, ensuring a seamless transition to her next home. The result? A space brimming with personality, yet versatile
enough for any new owner to infuse their own touch.

Our Reflection: This project reinforced the importance of understanding a client’s current and future needs. By investing in a tailored approach that aligns with their personality and aspirations, we not only maximise the sale potential but also create spaces that resonate on a deeper level. With Hills & West Interiors, it’s not just about selling a property—it’s about crafting an experience that speaks to the heart of each client’s unique journey


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“I approached Aisha and her team to help style my apartment for an upcoming sale. I already had a lot of key pieces of furniture so it was about fine tuning and getting those other items to enhance the space. I didn’t want the space to look like your generic styling that you get in an open house and Aisha saw my vision and love for pops of colour! It was so great to work with a like minded person who I could collaborate and validate what I was thinking. She helped with finding some really unique pieces that I will treasure forever and it’s great because it didn’t break the budget and even better, I get to keep it forever over having to return it when you hire styling! The apartment came up so well that even the photographer said it was refreshing to see a place with some personality and style instead of photographing the same generic framed prints and cushions that you get with your run of the mill styling studios. I’m so so happy with the outcome, with Hills & West Interiors you get something that is for you and that’s what I love about them.”