The Clutter Conquerors’ Crusade – Coogee

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Introduction: Immerse yourself in the transformative journey of decluttering, sourcing, and styling a home, where functionality meets inspiration. Witness the magic as we breathe new life into personal spaces, guided by our informed approach and deep understanding of this beautiful family’s needs.

Help Organise and Inspire my Daughters: Tasked by a lovely mother seeking to refresh her daughters’ rooms, we embarked on a collaborative journey to elevate their teenage living spaces. Through our unique ‘Functional Session’, we engaged the girls in understanding their preferences, usage patterns, and Wishlist items. With one daughter embracing a pastel princess persona and the other embodying a laid-back boho style, we tailored each space to reflect their individual personalities. From crafting zones to study corners, we curated spaces that sparked joy and fostered pride, ensuring both girls felt at home in their rooms. Additionally, we curated the courtyard linking the girls’ rooms, creating a cohesive stylistic narrative throughout.

Guest Oasis: Beyond the daughters’ rooms, we transformed the Guest room into a tranquil oasis, replacing bunk beds with a queen bed and additional storage solutions. This versatile space not only welcomed guests but also served as a functional extension of the family’s daily living. Our collaboration with artist Fern Siebler resulted in a bespoke piece titled ‘Can’t be broken’, adding a touch of personal significance to the room. 

Reflection: Guiding children through the design process is a truly rewarding experience. Witnessing their enthusiasm and newfound pride in their spaces reaffirms the magic of creating environments that inspire and uplift. It’s about more than just decluttering; it’s about sparking joy and igniting imagination in everyday living.

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Being a single mum, my 13yo and 9yo had ended up with an array of different pieces of furniture and toys, games, clothes plus bits and pieces from different ages and stages in their bedrooms. Aisha and Jana suggested a functional session that they would host directly with the girls for a few hours in the school holidays and it’s been a gamechanger. They cleared the clutter and the girls are more comfortable in and proud of their personal spaces. I’d highly recommend this process to any parent (or anyone really) challenged by clutter and disorganisation in the home! It’s such a good and clever process. Thank you! So glad we are doing this with you and Jana.

Coogee, Sydney