Transforming A Coastal Oasis Infused with Mid-century Charm – Bronte

Introduction: When Andrew approached me, he had a twofold vision: to revitalise his new home into a coastal sanctuary that showcased his eclectic taste, and to prepare it for Airbnb guests seeking a memorable beachside retreat. As a fellow enthusiast of mid-century design, I was thrilled to take on the challenge of merging vintage allure with contemporary functionality.

Spacial Planning: We initiated on a journey of spatial reinvention, reimagining each corner of the open-plan living space and transforming the study into a versatile guest area. By removing dated built-ins and introducing organic woods and soft lighting, we curated an inviting ambiance that seamlessly merged style with spaciousness.

Blending Old with New: Blending vintage charm with contemporary functionality, we carefully selected furniture that complemented Andrew’s existing collection. Our choices included pieces from renowned brands such as Cult Design, Trit House, Life Interiors, Globe West, The Rug Collection, Lighting Collective, and the beloved RJ Living shelving. To enhance the versatility of the space, we incorporated Reddie hooks for added convenience and installed a custom Eluma sofa bed from BedWorks in the study, ensuring comfort and style for guests. 

Additionally, we adorned the walls with wallpaper from Casamance and painted feature walls with Tint Savage Garden, adding depth and character to the interior. The inclusion of abundant greenery, strategic lighting, and multifunctional pieces contributed to both the aesthetic appeal and practicality of the design.

Art Curation and Installation: With Andrew’s extensive art collection, our task was to curate and display his treasures to reflect his personality and wanderlust spirit. Each artwork was thoughtfully positioned to create dynamic focal points, inviting guests on an immersive journey of colour and narrative.

Embracing Coastal Airbnb Vibes: Elevating the space for Airbnb guests involved adding the final touches of coastal elegance. Luxurious linen sets, plush cushions from L&M Home and bathroom accessories from Bondi Suite Co. transformed the retreat into a stylish coastal haven, ensuring a memorable stay for visitors.

Phase 2 Enhancements: Returning a year later, we embarked on phase two, refining initial concepts and introducing functional upgrades. From updating the laundry to incorporating cork flooring and refreshing artwork, each enhancement was tailored to Andrew’s evolving lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Reflection: As I revisit Bronte for phase two enhancements, I’m reminded of the joy of witnessing Andrew’s experiences unfold in his transformed home. Beyond design, our collaboration has blossomed into a cherished friendship, a testament to the enduring bonds forged through shared creativity and vision.

Working from home

Aisha and I have just worked together for the second time. Long distance from Singapore - well at least for most of it. I cant say enough positive and heartfelt things about not only how excellent Aisha’s ideas are, how thorough and go the extra yard her approach and execution is is but what a fun and rewarding experience Aisha makes it. Our second stint working together saw Aisha transform my pokey and kinda sorta ugly laundry into not only a good looking space but one that now has a lot more storage and is a lot more usable and ties together with the rest of the place. Thanks to Aisha and one of her throw away lines my kitchen now also has a fantastic looking and fantastic under foot new cork floor. If there’s one thing Ive learned is her ideas are always bang on. So when she semi-flippantly suggested 12 months ago cork would be good in the kitchen, it stuck with me. 12 months later its come to life. The short version? Every one needs an Aisha.

Bronte, Sydney