Artistic Downsizing: Crafting a Family Sanctuary – Rushcutters

Artistic Downsizing: Crafting a Family Sanctuary in Rushcutters Introduction: Embark on a transformative journey with us as we accompany a cherished family of four through their downsizing adventure, transitioning from a spacious North Shore home to a serene Eastern Suburbs apartment haven. As the parents prepare for their next chapter with the children spreading their wings, we infuse their new abode with vibrant colour, cherished family heirlooms, and curated art, ensuring a seamless blend of style and functionality that reflects their unique essence.

Curating Treasured Pieces: Delight in the process of incorporating beloved heirlooms and personal treasures into the fabric of the home. With meticulous care, we integrate antique furnishings and cherished artworks, seamlessly weaving them into the apartment’s design tapestry. Alongside, we fulfill the client’s wishlist, sourcing exquisite additions from renowned design houses and artisanal suppliers such as Armadillo, Mondoluce Lighting, Living Edge, Cult Design, Muuto, and ABI (Architectural Bathroom and Interiors). To add the finishing touches, we selected accessories from Ivy Lane and other esteemed soft furnishing suppliers, ensuring that every corner of the space exudes style and comfort.

Artistic Expression: Revel in the client’s diverse art collection, a testament to their personal journey, passions and travels. Through careful curation, we celebrate each piece, crafting intimate vignettes that narrate stories of love, heritage and wanderlust, infusing the home with soulful character and artistic flair.

Functional Living: Experience the artistry of spatial planning as we optimise every inch of the apartment to accommodate the family’s dynamic lifestyle. By crafting personalised zones and versatile workspaces, we ensure privacy and functionality for each member. Introducing innovative solutions such as a temporary partition wall, we anticipate future needs, envisioning a seamless transition as the space evolves with the family’s journey. Upon the boys’ departure for university, the wall will be removed, transforming this area into the parents’ sanctuary.

Reflection: Reflecting on this project brings to light three remarkable aspects that resonate deeply with my passion for interior design.

Firstly, there’s an undeniable joy in the initial consultation phase when clients express uncertainty about how to integrate their eclectic mix of pieces and artworks. It’s a delightful challenge to weave together cherished heirlooms with desired wishlist items, leveraging my expertise to create harmonious compositions. I firmly believe that every piece of art has a place, and finding the right connections, whether through colour, frame, or theme, is where the magic truly happens.

Secondly, I’m inspired by the family’s bold decision to pursue their dream of city living, adapting their space to accommodate their children while also envisioning its future as a sanctuary for two. Their commitment to starting this new chapter together, embracing both the present and future possibilities, is truly heartwarming.

Lastly, collaborating with artists is a joyous experience that infuses creativity and vibrancy into every project. I cherish the opportunity to incorporate their unique pieces throughout a home, celebrating the artist’s vision and craftsmanship. Art, in its myriad forms, holds the power to evoke emotions and tell stories, making each piece a treasured addition to the homeowner’s narrative.


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“The exceptional service we received from Hills & West Interiors is beyond compare. We had downsized to an apartment and needed to update the new interior and replace some furniture we had outgrown. Aisha and Jana have been a joy to work with and immediately made the effort to understand our own personal (somewhat eclectic) style and worked with us to enhance our living environment. Curating some wonderful corners in our new home with new paint colours, carpet, rugs, furniture, accessories and an amazing wall hang of our art. They are meticulous, organised and professional. Full of bright ideas, every room was carefully looked at. I cannot recommend them enough; we are so pleased with the results!”

Rushcutters, Sydney