Premium styling solutions that help you get sale-ready, quickly.

In today’s cluttered, chaotic, unpredictable and competitive world, your home and property assets need to work harder than ever. Homes need to emulate a haven away from the chaos.


A prospective home needs to project simplified, aspirational and easy living. We offer Sydney home and property styling for sale to help your property stand out and be memorable, helping you achieve the return on investment you have worked so hard to achieve.

We are commercial.

We approach all projects through a commercial lens to ensure we plan, communicate clearly and deliver the best possible outcomes, all whilst managing client aspirations and expectations.

Let’s create together.

Showcasing Lifestyle | Nulla Nulla | 2019
Showcasing Lifestyle | Nulla Nulla | 2019
Styling to Live | Tranquil Corners

Before we do anything we always love to have a conversation. That allows us to listen to your needs, wants and aspirations and ascertain if we are the best solution for you. This is an opportunity to ask us anything and everything! In this call we establish your objectives and the next best steps to create that ideal space your buyer is looking for.

Now the fun begins. Our interior stylists come to you to chat through a fully realised concept for your space including layout options, mood boards, colours and imagery to allow you to really visualise what your space will look like. We refine the plans together to ensure you are 100% happy and then we are ready to bring the plans to life. 


If all you need is a declutter, refresh and restyle, we can help you with this too. We’re all about minimal effort for maximum reward. Sometimes it just takes a bit of tweaking, moving key pieces around and removing the clutter so prospective buyers can see the potential of your home. We can fo this in 1/2 day or full day increments. We can discuss the project needs in our initial consult.

We plan and manage each interior styling and interior decorating project to deliver your vision without the stress. Whether your goals are improved functionally, to declutter, redesign, downsize or to add value and increased potential to your space, we work with your resources and make the most of each unique space within your preferred budget.                       

We invite you to be as involved as you please in our interior styling journey together. Make decisions alongside us or simply hand over the reigns to our team with confidence. We pride ourselves on creating spaces that bring joy, are playful in nature, have the power to engage people, are aspirational as well as inviting and relaxing. We add value to spaces, whether that means for you to enjoy yourself, or for you to sell (and sell fast!)

We’re here to celebrate self-expression, the importance of history and heritage, as well as quality craftsmanship. We love creating and delivering spaces that are stylish whilst still being practical, that are an expression of your own personality and that are inherently timeless in nature. We aim to create spaces that make you proud and bring you joy, each and every time you enter them.

We create purposeful spaces that enrich the way we live, work, play, engage and connect.

It’s that simple.

We are a trusted Sydney interior styling service passionate about bringing a little magic to every project.

Have questions?  We’ve got answers. 


Your stress-free styling solution start here.


Styling to Live

We consciously style your home into a space you adore. We offer home decluttering, styling and decorating services in Sydney and provide creative direction for developers and homes abroad. We do this in a number of ways;

Home Interiors

Houses, town houses, units, individual rooms or tricky spaces; think of us as the declutter and style magicians  

Home Exteriors

External living areas, gardens, home entrance area, carports, lighting design, unloved corners, we know how to maximise every space

Homes Away from Home

Beach, country or inner-city homes that you love to escape to and relax in

Curating to Downsize

Determine what’s important and keep hold of only what makes you happy

Interior Decoration

Those special final touches that turn a house into your home

Styling to Sell

We also love styling homes and properties for sale in Sydney, making them stand out and unforgettable. 
We help you get sale-ready with swift expertise, delivering a premium for your sellers and buyers, creating life-long clients that recognise value and appreciate trust.

Styling for Commercial Projects

We work with developers and agents to create spaces that are aspirational, expressive and memorable to set you apart from and above the competition

Styling for Residential Projects

Unique styling solutions for sale, short-term rentals or AirBnB

Styling for Investment Properties

Refresh and redesign for increased rental pricing or style expertly to sell

Style to Inspire

If you are a brand or business that needs a little revamp or some fresh inspiration, we’re here to help. We have curated a range of additional interior styling and space decorating services to infuse new life into your business, project or event;

Campaigns and Events

Exclusive styling for lifestyle shoots, publications or special events

Styling for Lifestyle Brand Storytelling

Refresh, restyle or rebrand to meet your visual goals and embody the essence of your business

Styling for Retail Concept Stores and Merchandising

Engage your clients and customers in a meaningful and create a memorable journey from the moment they enter your space.

We create purposeful spaces that enrich the way we live, work, play, engage and connect.

It’s that simple.