Naming a Piece of Furniture: Where to Begin

Naming a Piece of Furniture: Where to Begin

Naming my collections has always been a joyous endeavour for me.

From the Morgan Collection, an ode to my husband for helping me to follow my dream and start designing and crafting handbags, to the Everyday Collection, a straightforward reflection of its purpose, each collection name holds a story and essence of its own.

The Chevron Collection, inspired by the architectural marvels of Florence, and the Lunar Collection, a tribute to the celestial elegance of their designs, the A-Tote Collection made from Apple leather, showcasing sustainability, are just a few examples of my previous creations.


Having designed handbag collections for years, each named with care and intention, now, as we pivot to the world of furniture design, focused on sustainability and pieces perfect for compact living, I’m faced with the delightful challenge of christening my inaugural piece.


This piece embodies my commitment to sustainability, continued quality craftsmanship, and multifunctional design tailored for conscious living and smaller spaces.


Yet, finding the perfect name proves to be a task of its own. I’ve brainstormed a few ideas, but none seem to encapsulate the essence of the piece quite like I envisioned. Here are the current contenders:

  • Benchable: A playful nod to its dual nature as both a bench and table, but perhaps lacking the sophistication I aim to convey.
  • A. 8232: A cryptic yet intriguing name, drawing inspiration from the iconic E.1027 Adjustable Table by Eileen Gray. While it pays homage to design history, it may lack the warmth and personality I seek.
  • SustainaTable Bench: Clear in its eco-friendly message, but still not fully capturing the essence. I’m searching for sophistication, warmth, and timelessness.


This is where I turn to you, our vibrant community of thinkers and dreamers. What names come to your mind? How would you encapsulate elegance, functionality, and eco-consciousness in a single name?


Drop your suggestions below, and join me as this exciting process unfolds. The perfect name is out there.


Big love, Aisha xox


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