Crafting Versatile Furniture: The Art of Designing Multifunctional Pieces for Small Spaces

Crafting Versatile Furniture: The Art of Designing Multifunctional Pieces for Small Spaces

Relocating to Singapore amidst a bustling rental market meant downsizing from a townhouse to a cozy condo—a challenge that sparked a journey of design innovation. Leaving behind cherished pieces like my restored Parker chairs, a fabulous mid-century room divider, and my iconic Ball Chair was bittersweet, but necessary for our new abode’s scaled-down dimensions.

Our initial furniture choices reflected this mindset. A modular sofa, easily manoeuvrable through the condo’s lift, complemented by nested coffee tables and a cozy reading chair, found their place in our snug space.

Yet, there was a glaring gap of extra seating for guests, with no space inside for a dining table (all our dining is either at our massive kitchen island or al fresco on our balcony) and seating at our entrance for the local tradition of removing your shoes before entering the home. So, this prompted the quest for a versatile seating solution—a journey that led to the design of our latest creation.

Crafted with sustainability in mind, our multifunctional piece is made from recycled materials, including repurposed coca cola cans and clothing fibres, aligning with our commitment to eco-conscious design practices. Collaborating with Ipse Ipsa Ipsum in Singapore, we’ve brought this concept to life, merging sustainable design with uncompromising quality.



Our bench/seat seamlessly transitions from seating to a coffee table, with a flexible nested side table and accessories including a tray and magazine rack, offering versatility that adapts to different functions and spaces. Whether used near the entrance or as a centrepiece in the living room, it effortlessly blends timeless elegance with an eclectic luxe, hopefully adding personality to any space it inhabits.




With the design finalised and production underway, our excitement builds. Naming this piece presents its own challenge—one we eagerly embrace as part of the creative journey.

Stay tuned as we unveil the next chapter in our design journey.


Big love,

Aisha xox

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